Which came first?  The cooking or the coaching?

I have been curious about cooking for most of my life.  I started really paying attention early on and learned the importance of cooking from the heart.  Every dish that came out of my mothers kitchen was made with love and that tradition carried over to me.  I began cooking for myself, family and friends as a child and by the time grade school was upon me, I was hostessing, waitressing and learning all phases of production and service in the restaurant business.  I feel blessed to have learned so much in my formative years.  
As an entrepreneur, I am a cook first.  I love every aspect of cooking and I want to share that love with everyone I know.  
My decision to enroll in a health and wellness program and become a coach came with the realization that through food and lifestyle changes people could step into their full potential in all areas of their lives.  We can optimize our health and energy through good, healthy foods and lots of good, healthy fun.

Why did you sell your restaurant and decide to cook for private clients?

When i decided to go out on my own, i purchased a food truck and i absolutely loved the one on one interaction between myself and customers.  As business grew and brick and mortar seemed appropriate, i quickly realized that the love i wanted to share in all of my dishes was overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of restaurant life.  When I plan and cook meals for clients they have the ultimate say as to what ingredients they want and how they want it cooked. I truly enjoy everything about private clients.  From the planning and prepping stages to the look of excitement and gratitude my clients share at the end of the meal.

Is there a process for meal planning with clients?

Yes… I send the client options based on general requests such 
as “French” or “Italian” or “Cal cuisine” and then they can tell me which components they like or don’t like and we tailor the menu accordingly.  Each client is custom tailored to their needs and to their personal level of involvement.

What advice would you give for coaches and future chefs?

Keep doing what you love and don’t ever second guess your passions.  If your passion lies in cooking, then cook.  If it lies in traveling and cooking then do both.  Never stop doing it with enthusiasm and love.  Always be consistent with your actions and make yourself invaluable to others by sharing what you know.  Always ask the right questions and find out what your clients really really need and want.