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About Me

It takes a lot of thought and digging to write a bio of yourself.  

So… Where does one start? 

I’ve been blessed with careers that have allowed me the freedom to travel the world and discover how others live.  Whether on a work assignment or vacation I have always enjoyed the local fare, flavor and fun!

I am a self proclaimed eccentric and I take no shame in LIVING IT DOING WHAT I LOVE.  I want to share my crazy recipes with anyone willing to taste, and adventures, with anyone willing to listen.  I love to cook and, for me, the energy created from sharing a great food experiment or memory with friends is almost as adrenaline filled as repelling from the Seattle Space Needle or soaring in a glider plane quietly like a bird above the Sierra Madres.

I’ve taken all of this amazing energy and placed my faith in creating a healthy revolution for anyone wanting to make the lasting change they desire.  I am a certified health and wellness coach and master of habit change, ready to be YOUR accountability partner on your own personal journey.